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Informational Websites:

Apple's iPad Home Page
iPad Video Tours
Applications for the iPad
Apple's iPad and Education
Ed Tech iPad Course Wiki
Background information on the iPad via Wikipedia
Items to bring:
  • Laptops - updated / latest version of iTunes
  • Apple iTunes free download
  • Register for an iTunes account (you'll need a credit card / iTunes gift card)
  • Digital photos in a folder on your desktop, on a CD, or a Jumpdrive
  • 3 or 4 Music CDs
  • Earbuds

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Article about classrooms without technology

Why Use the iPad?
Recommended Free Apps:
  • AccuWeather
  • Animoto - Shows your movies from your account
  • Calculator HD
  • Citrix Receiver for iPad
  • Dictionary.com
  • Dropbox - Sync documents from your computer and your iPad
  • Facebook/Friendly
  • iBooks - Book reader (also Kindle)
  • Pandora - Streaming music
  • Road Conditions - Currently only CA road conditions, but more to come
  • Simple Mind + - Brainstorming App
  • Skype - free skype to skype calls
  • TweetDeck - Twitter
  • Urbanspoon - finnd good restaurants in your area
  • Wordpress - blogger
  • Zite - compiles media in your interests

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