Google Apps and Extensions are just bells and whistles?! Well, it is kind of true. Sometimes we need to use bells and whistles to get the attention of our students, then it is up to us to keep them engaged with the content and dynamic teaching. Some of these bells and whistles just help us do our job a bit more easily. I think the key is, you don't have to take and try everything. Just take one or two for now, try them out, if they work great, if not, try something else.

I do think the following 4 are game changers.

The 2 apps I think are most helpful when providing feedback to students are,
  1. Kaizena - gives you the ability to add voice feedback your students' GDocs
  2. Video - makes grading and providing feedback on videos easy (it can be videos posted anywhere, you tube, vimeo, animoto, whatever), marks notes as the video plays, at the time they are relevant

These 2 extensions I think are the best as well,
  1. Shorten me - takes the URL makes QR code and shortened URL, this is good when sharing resources with your students
  2. Readability - If students are doing research and need to read articles it takes out adds surrounding it, contributing to the focus factor

Here is a list of extensions and apps from the Google Summit I was at this past weekend.

Chrome extensions
Adblock - removes the adds from websites as your are browsing or watching YouTube videos
Scissors and glue - lets you have two windows up without having to adjust them, splits the screen
Extensify - you can easily compile a huge list of extensions that will clutter up your browser, quickly enable or disable chrome extensions
Multiple tab search - takes a list of tabs or key words to search and will open them each in their own tab
Sound gecko - turns articles into mp3s and emails it to you
Text expander for mac/Auto text expander - if you tend to write the same comments or feedback over and over, you can create a keystroke combination that will autofill that text
One tab - if you have multiple tabs open, it will archive them for you for later
Tweet this page - creates a shortened URL to easily tweet

Chrome App:

Google maps engine lite - great for Math and Social Studies, draw around countries to see and compare actual size, it will also import data from form info (i.e.: students note their a place they'd like to travel)

Finally, this site might be helpful when sifting through the piles of crApp (play on words, yes) out there: Web App Reviews. It is a blog on some of the popular apps, what they can do and whether to take or leave them.

Spreadsheet of Apps and Extensions Categorized by Subject Matter - Shared by Naomi Harm, Tim Nielsen, & Deb Norton

Last updated August 6, 2016
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