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New Media Literacies
New Media Skills How To

Prezi is a presentation software that allows you to add unique movement to your presentation. It is a beefed up ppt that allows you to create mind maps that can always come back to the key point. It zooms, swoos, and fades making it much more interesting to watch. No more death by ppt! You can save your presentation on their site and also view other people's work on other topics as well. It can be built on the web or you can download the software. It is worth checking out!

Kaltura is an open source video host. It allows you to upload many videos with the free membership up to 2G of content. You can then embed the code into your Google Site or your web page for viewing. You and your teammates can all log into the same account and you can combine a montage of videos to embed. All the videos are hosted through Kaltura so you are not clogging up your connection or space.

Here is a link to my sample Google Site with the embedded videos.

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Communicating with students and informing and communicating with each other. How to document

Justin.tv - Kat

Making you live on the web from a phone app. or video recorder connected to the web.
Live or recorded broadcasting. Broadcast webinars, question/answer sessions, classes. You can make them public or keep them private and protected with access codes. Recordings are held for about 5 days, but you can edit your holding settings. Videos can be linked to YouTube after the holding time expires.

Foursquare - Amanda

Mobile application. Start it up on your computer, connect to Facebook and Twitter. It will search for your friends for you. You can check in at locations and share information. Points can be earned, badges, and Mayor status. Uses a GPS locator.

Podcasting with GarageBand and iMovie - Angel and An

Record sessions, lectures or supplimental materials. Upload it to a wiki, online course or www.podbean.com
iTunes will allow you to submit your podcast. They will not host it but they will advertise it and link to it for you.
An RSS feed can be added as well.