Cue 2012 - Napa Valley
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Friday Notes - Link to notes in Evernote
Everyone from the conference’s notes on a Google Doc

Classroom 3.0
Presentation Link

Digital Learning @NTN
Sarah Field

Using role interdependence

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Presentation Link

Remember the 3Cs - Clear, Clean, & Consistent

Start with introductions

Presentation tools

Video Conferencing Tools


Additional Resources
TeacherFirstEdge - List of great student web 2.0 tools
The Library of Congress Digital Content
AASL’s Best Websites for Teaching & Learning 2013

Core Technologies for Common Core
Kyle Brumbaugh

Presentation Link Gives you the lexile for all books
Newsela will publish a news article everyday with the reading level
  • If you register it will send you articles within your students’ lexile
  • also has quizzes to text comprehension

When tweeting use @myen and it will archive them for you
Evernote Peek gives you a cover/roll up screen like flash cards.
Take a picture in Evernote and it will turn it into digital text you can edit
WeVideo - a way for students to produce videos, can connect with GApps
Create videos in YouTube! Use the video editor to produce and publish! - free open source music
Infographic Archive - piles of great infographics
Google Trends - aggregates the top stories of a day
Wordsift - like Wordle but lets you move words around

iPad literacy
Naomi Harm

Presentation Link

Creating organized collections
Qr codes

Book creators
Have a defined purpose and a task for your kids

My creative book builder
Book creator
Book writer
Make my groups

- student rolls, photographer, editor, author, publisher

QR code creators

Use to record audio qr codes
Google drive voice recorder records two hours, app in chrome
Talking qr code test translates your voice to text

Colar mix - turns images into life
Layar app - brings pop ups to images
Science ar app - $1.99
Flash cards ar
Zoo ar

Key Note
Ramsey Musallam

#Timberlake video

Michael Scott on Wikipedia (The Office)

Jay silver - Ted talk

Upcoming events

Palm Springs CUE March 20-22, 2014

Google in Education West Coast Summit March 22-23, 2014 - accepting presentations

CapCue Jan 11, 2014 in Tahoe

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Saturday Notes

Alice Keeler - Infographics with Google Draw

Presentation Link

Google URL shortener:
Infographic template
  • Use Flickr's Creative Commons images for backgrounds, OR
  • Take phones of weird textures or things with phones for backgrounds

Shift is your friend!
  • Hold the shift key and use the arrows to move the images one pixel at a time
  • Having trouble clicking on the element that you want? Use the tab key and it will click through the elements one at a time. Shift/tab goes backwards
  • Publish to the web, make visible to the public
  • You can get the embed code or just the link
  • Insert a shape, grab the pie piece, lets you draw the radius
  • Want the line to go away from the outside? Click the pen, choose transparent
  • Customize the color, click the paint can
  • Adjust the transparency by clicking the right sliding bar
  • Add a pie piece over the top, choose a different color to make it stand out

Google Developers and Education
Wesley Chun

Google Developers Academy - 15-20 lesson, 3-4 lessons complete a class
University Consortium - Community to talk to other profs world wide about development
Google Developers Live - TV channel, shows weekly, office hours, find past recordings as well
Google in Education - Use of tech in the classrooms, pedagogy
Research at Google - Higher ed focus on conferences, conference sponsorships
University Relations - Connect University researchers with Google Researchers
Google Scholar - search engine that only searches officially published articles
University Programs - recruiting, scholarships, internships,
CSSI - High school students looking to go into computer programing, all expenses paid, conventions (Juniors)
Open Source Programs - Summer of code and code-in, students can volunteer to help out

Googles 20 Time in the Classroom
Kate Petty

Presentation Link

One hour a week or 20% of the time for exploration

Google Scripts
David Malone

AutoCrat - Mail merge, take emails out of a form and will send them
Flubaroo - self grading quiz
Doctopus - great photocopier, lets you add restrictions to editing etc
docApender -
gClassFolder - inboxes for all your students

  • Insert script, search for it. autoCrat (spanish), install, know they are installed when you see extra menus, you have to add scripts to each sheet
  • You must own the document
  • Go to autoCrat, run script
  • Make your template, add tags i.e. <<Name>>
  • Go through the steps

Google Apps: 30 Tools, 2 Classrooms, 1 year
Rachel Diephouse
Jackie DenOuden

Presentation Link
  • Cmd+option+M will add comments into the GDocs
  • Quizlet online quiz tool like flashcards
  • Google New has up to date news as well as archived news: like the microfiche on the web

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