Age Appropriate Web‐Surfing, 4K‐6
Track: Effective Use of Technology: 21st Century Learning
Grades: 4K‐6

Learn tips and tricks to get the most out of your web searches. Learn how to filter content for your desired outcome and how to "pre surf" for your students.

Google custom search engine - Preselect websites for your students do conduct their research
Sqworl is a bookmarking site that allows you to create thumbnails of the sites along with your personal tags.
Visit My Sqworl
Bob's Sqworl
Weblist - Preselect websites for your students with thumbnails
Professor Garfield - Many teacher resources, games, and other educational content
Cyber Smart Curriculum - Resources to ensure cyber citizenship
Net Smart Kids - Kids games, eBooks, and videos
Kid friendly search engine - Search by content area

Last updated January 16, 2014
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