Malia M. Hoffmann, Ed. D.
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Concordia University
Irvine, CA

Dr. Malia Hoffmann has been a lifelong educator. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Middle School Education and began teaching middle school, cross-curricular subjects, while integrating technology to keep her students motivated. While teaching middle school she earned her Master’s Degree in Educational Technology and began adjuncting for Marian University. After a year of teaching as an adjunct she took a full-time position with the university and began pursuing her Doctorate Degree in Learning Technologies from Pepperdine University. At Pepperdine University she completed her dissertation on how undergraduate students and faculty use mobile devices for learning using the technological, pedagogical, and content knowledge (TPACK) framework.

Malia has also shared her expertise by presenting at national and international conferences around the country, including SITE, ISTE, FETC, and CUE. She has also worked as a pedagogical consultant for National Financial Educators Council providing feedback and recommendations in the online learning environment and is a Senior Technology Consultant for Beyond Technology Education, Inc (BTE). In partnership with BTE in 2016, she will be presenting at: OCCUE Tech Fest, Santa Ana, CA; ACSI, Fort Worth, TX; CUE, Palm Springs, CA; ACSI, Seaside, OR\; and ISTE, Denver, CO.

In addition to educating she is also a servant leader. She volunteers and serves on the Orange County CUE board of directors planning and providing professional development for educators in the area. Dr. Hoffmann also volunteers weekly tutoring homeless children at the Village of Hope in Tustin. She co-founded and worked as the technology and grant director for a domestic abuse shelter in Waupaca County, WI. And finally, Malia serves her country as a Captain in the Air Force Reserve as a logistics readiness officer.

Malia’s experience in teaching and technology span over fifteen years. Her research experience, interests, and expertise are in the areas of TPACK, mobile learning, technology coaching, and emerging technologies. She is currently the program coordinator and assistant professor in the Master’s in Educational Technology program at Concordia University Irvine.

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