Web 2.0

1001 Web 2.0 Sites

Audio file hosts:
Chirbit - No file limit, sharing made easy

Avatar Creators:
Talking Avatars: Voki

Blogs, Wikis and More:
A simple form of wiki for collaborating with students: PBWorks
Wikispaces: Wiki Site - quick editing and ready to make live
T.H.E. Journal Article Wikis: Pulling It All Together
Wiki-Centric Learning from THE Journal
Orange Tree 2010 FETC Wiki
Education Tricks 'n Treats Educational Blog
Orange Tree 2011 FETC Wiki
Cool Tools for Schools Wiki
Classroom 2.0 Blog
Top Ten For Young Learners Blog
Teach Paperless Blog
Digital Storytelling Resources: ASCS Wiki
Web 2.0 Guru Wiki

Cloud Bookmarking
Delicious - Share your links and connect with other's resource
Sqworl is a bookmarking site that allows you to create thumbnails of the sites along with your personal tags.
Visit My Sqworl
Bob's Sqworl
Symbaloo - Create thumbnails as bookmarks and set it to your homepage

Cloud computing and organizing
Mendeley - aggregates your resources, cites and documents them, allows you to add notes too
Evernote - add notes to your links, audio, video, or pictures, saves to the cloud and syncs with all of your mobile device apps too
Google Docs/tools - back up docs, collaborate on them, instant saving

Conference Calls & Live Chats:
Communication and Connecting with the "real" world: Skype
Google+ - Hangout feature

Connecting with Communities
Skype for Education is an amazing way to have classrooms connect with other classrooms around the world. Follow this link and view the two video half way down the page on the left hand side to give you an overview what what Skype for education can do. You can use lesson plans or connect with teachers world wide to collaborate. See this video how how other teachers are using Skype for Education.

ePals are similar to Skype for Education and was based off of the pen pal idea. It is very robust and provides your with student emails, start a project or join a project. The possibilities are endless.

Digital Stories, Photo Editing and More in the Classroom:
Link to many great digital storytelling links
To create online books that are a collaborative effort: Storybird
From the Disney Company - Elementary level students can create their own stories using Kerpoof
Lesson plans, videos, quizzes & more: BrainPOP
Common Craft Videos - Educational, but also a still of video presenations

Mind Mapping
Cacoo- Free collaborative mindmapping
Mindmeister - Concept mapping tool
Classroom collaboration is easy with the Bubbl.us brainstorming website

Multimedia Tools

Multimedia added to pictures: Voice Thread
Interactive Posters Glogster (for Education)
Create videos using your pictures and music or free copyright with cool effects: Animoto
Create word documents, projects & posters using tools like: Wordle
Tagxedo - Word clouds in fun shapes
Create a Back Channel: TodaysMeet
Create wall announcements, notes, projects & more: Padlet
Zotero allows you to do research and site your work easily so you can share it.
iPicky - Picture editor and collage maker

Presentation Tools
Google Aps - Use Google docs, forms, sites and more
Slide Rocket -Create and collaborate on presentations with new plug in applications
- No new sign ups allowed. They are about to close down.

Pecha Kutcha - 20 slides done in 20 seconds each

Jing -Screencast software, free download, create easy tutorials

Quiz Tools
Quizlet allows educators to create and share their own Flashcards (ties in with iPad app Flashcardlet*)
For simple poll / quiz creators that allow for varied questions: Google Forms (part of Google Docs) and Survey Monkey
iPad app - gFlash+
Take a poll with your cell phones: Poll Everywhere

For Additional Web 2.0 Resources and Links:
ABCs of Web 2.0
Dr. Howie DiBlasi Website
100 Helpful Web Tools for Every Kind of Learner:
Go 2 Web 2.0 Tools and Applications Web 2.0
Top Web 2.0 Tools from T.H.E. Journal
A Teacher's Guide to Web 2.0 in School (Video)
4 Web 2.0 Technologies to Inspire Students from Campus Technology
Tech Talk Tuesdays - Vidcasts http://www.econedlink.org/interactives/index.php?iid=145&type=educator

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