There are literally hundreds of social media sites that we can use as educators. The key is to find out what our students are using. Some of the most popular tools, and my favorites are listed here below.

Facebook Groups: I have a student create a Facebook group for each of my courses. The students maintain it and make it what they want it to be. This way students do not need to be "friends" with me but we can still share links, articles, or ask questions there.

Google+: A more robust and personalized version of Facebook. I like it because you can create a circle for each course to share pertinent information with my students. The hangout feature is great for virtual office hours.
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LinkedIn - A professional networking site. List your resume, make connections, and join the discussions
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Twitter: I share my Twitter (@OptimistMalia) handle with my students and ask them to follow me. We as a class or group decide on a hashtag that we will all use like #CUIEdTech. Nice quick way to ask questions or share resources.

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