Interactive whiteboards are popping up in every classroom. Teachers can use the software even if they don't have the actual SMART Board. As long as there is one SMART Board in the school, all teachers have permission to use the software. If you are on your own computer, download the software, explore the Express site and the gallery. Use the sample SMART files if you need to.

SMART Notebook Download Center - This is where you can download the software for your personal computer.
SMART Notebook Express - This is where you can use the SMART files on the web without having to download the software onto your computer. This is a great resource for your students.
SMART Exchange Gallery - This is where you can look at other published lessons from teachers and download them to make them your own.

Sample Lessons and Resources

Smart Notebook Jeopardy

Take a look at the Smart Notebook tutorial.

If you need the SMART code you may use Marian's: NB AECAA CANVK KC6 VC Y6DSE
View the SMART Notebook files from the wiki

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