Wednesday, June 29th
Show Me the Money: Tips and Tricks of Grant Writing
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Traditional Grant options
New construction: money is easier to get before new construction than after
IT Funds
Title 1
Title 2a
Title 2d:
i3: if you apply you will get it (if your school is eligible)

Make sure you have a good plan in place. Differentiate between needs and wants. Connect to student achievement. Nine out of ten grants are never read all the way through. Catch their attention within the first paragraphs. Do not be brand specific, politics always play a role.

Google has over 2 million hits for technology grants, but do your homework and make sure they apply to your topic.

Expert Suported, Project-Bases Blended Learning

Bill Gates's foundation
Eperts volunteer their time for PBL projects. Driving quettions are built on a need to know basis. Students really need to know the topics they are studying. Exploring is required. All curriculums structures around the common core subjects. Courses are cross curricular and are blended learning projects throughout the school year.

Current courses that are developed: English, Biology, Algerbra, 9th grade levels.

Tuesday, June 28th**

New Media, New Literacies: Educational Transformation through Digital Creativity
Jason Ohler

  • Evaluate students on all pieces of their digital projects, even if you don't know how to do what they did. Too many times we give As for moving objects on a screen.
  • Being literate is the production and consumption of information, media, or technology.
  • Often we test black and white paper but pray our students can innovate and create collages and interesting material.
  • Inspire diverse visual content (dvc) Use bullets, text boxes, and graphics and videos, all media rich

iPads, iPods, and iPhones

Get the notes and discussion from the back channel for the next year.
  • Create a scavenger hunt to begin class
Suggested apps
  • IMovie
  • Google earth
  • Tom cat
  • QR Codes
Language Arts
  • i Can write
  • pocket phonics
  • Story Builder
  • Language Builder
  • Scramble2 - like boggle
  • Inkling - Textbooks built with interactivity
  • Google
  • Documents
  • Thoughts
  • Corkulous
  • Pages
  • iBrainstorm
  • iWorks
  • Keynote- if video is embedded, it goes with you
  • Pages
  • Sticky notes, dictionary, bookmarks, highlights are all features in iBooks
Publishing books with Pages
Apps needed:
  • Pages (as well as pages for your mac)
  • Doodle Buddy or Drawing Pad
(Publishing can only be done on a mac)

Draw pictures and insert into Pages. Select all your text, choose the "info" button on the top right, click "body". This creates the right format for using pages on your computer. Connect to your computer, DO NOT SYNC. Just click on your device, click apps and choose, pages. This allows your pages to talk to each other. Then copy and paste the info from your pages on your iPad to your Pages on your computer. You can create chapters through this way. The final step is creating an epublication. This creates PDFs, those can be exported to iBooks, iPads or smart phones etc.

Create QR Codes easily for free.
Great for embedding a lot of content easily with a bit of space. You can embed maps, business cards, websites, etc.

Adobe stop picture motion- Gregg Witkin

Uses adobe ore Eire elements. Typical stop motion is about 12 frames per second, movies are about 24. Same movements and pacients are necessary.

Monday, June 27th ISTE Philadelphia, PA

Interactive Engaging mash-up Video Software in the Clouds

Create a video mash-up by going to
Be sure to create the "teacher" account. The link is in the green box on the right when you click "register".

A link to student sample created projects submitted for the contest

Podcasting Dr. Larry Anderson, Julene Reed, & Lucy Gray

Live blog:

Focus on the iPad!

KHAN Academy- free content, lesson plans, podcasts
Science house videos-more free content
Hippo campus-course materials
Inkling-electronic textbooks with videos in them etc
Usteam- video confernecing
Polleverywhere- has a app for polling your students

iTunes U- beyond campus has a wealth more of info also University of South Florida's Lit reviews
MonthyEducation Spotlight- highlights new apps
Apps for teacher- apple suggested apps

Lucy's iPad resources-

Larry Anderson's podcast:

Dr. Bowie - Google tools in the classroom

Presentation ppt will be available June 28th after 1:00.

History pin- has several maps and pictures around the world of historical events

Factbites- searches encyclopedia resources for factual info

Google goggles-uses the camera on your handheld, recognizes the area or image and gives you info on the topic

Google news timeline- gives you the last five days of news

Google moon- all the Apollo flights with info

Google sky- shows the stars in the sky from your location

Tammy Worcester-conference notes’s_Top_20_Favorite_Web_Tools%21.html

Jam studio for iPad- free music making app allows you to download and use the music in multimedia projects

Odo sketch - records you as you create art and allows you to go back and view the video

iGoogle - allows you set up and personalize your social media and email all in one place. Add widgets to your web page as well.

Google reader - RSS feed and compiles all new content in one place, it can feed into your iGoogle too

Jing-screen captures as well as screen recorders

Plurk-link twitter only threaded, tammyw is her handle

Bibme-allows you to find your books to annotate for your bibliography shortens the urls and creates a data base of sites for easier navigation