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Google Tools

Google Chrome - Web browser, log in on any computer and your bookmarks go with you on the go!
Google Drive - Create text documents in the cloud, share & collaborate easily, and all can edit at the same time
Google Forms - Survey or assess your students and have your data compiled in spreadsheets
Google Earth Walks - Connect to your literature, social studies, or travel experiences
Google Apps for Education - Collaboration, best practices, life made easier and more fun!
Google Templates - Looking for something specific? Use a premade template for your newsletter, schedule, or cover letter
Google Draw - Use it for infograhics, venn diagrams, collages, etc..

Explore Google Drive

View the Short video on Google Forms.

Go into your Google Drive/Documents, click create on the top left hand corner. Begin creating a form.

Google Earth Walks
  • Search the Subject/Grade tabs along the top
  • Choose one and click "download this walk"
  • It will download it into your Google Earth Application (make sure you have Google EarthDownloaded)
  • Click the arrow to open up Places in Google Earth
  • You should see the Google Walk you just downloaded, click the arrow to the left of it to open it, double click on the red numbers to take you to each location. It will take you to street view. You can exit Street View by clicking it on the top right hand corner.
  • Explore the site and other Walks

Google Apps for Education

Great resources from Alice Keeler from CUE 2013

Fomating Tips

  • Use Flickr's creative commons images for backgrounds for a more professional look, OR
  • Have students take photos of weird things/textures with phones for backgrounds
  • Insert a shape, use the pie pieces for pie charts. The pie piece lets you draw the radius.
  • To add contrast to the pie chart add another pie piece over the top - choose a different color
  • Want the line to go away from the outside of your shape? Click the pen - choose transparent.
  • Customize the color - click the paint can & you can adjust the transparency by clicking the right sliding bar

Shift is your friend!

  • Hold the shift key and use the arrow keys. It will help move the images one pixel at a time.
  • Having trouble clicking on the element that you want? Use the tab key and it will click through the elements one at a time. Shift/tab goes backwards.

Start Sharing!

  • Publish to the web, make visible to the public. From there you can get the embed code or just the link.

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